QNetworkAccessManager (QNAM) seems to be a source of a lot of problems. In my current app, I have an instance of QTcpSocket which I use to handle my streaming requirements. I also use QNAM to manage posting of information to the various social networking sites. Some of these sites are displayed using QWebkit.

Initially I had multiple instances of QNAMs to do this but I read in the docs/forums/wiki that each application should restrict to one QNAM instance (for eg: use a singleton class). The main problem that I am facing is,

Whenever I quit the Widget containing the QWebkit instance, which contains an instance of QNAM to manage its data exchange, my tcpsocket closes at the back. After extensive logging, I found the following errors :

Error "Unknown error: 142" Code : QAbstractSocket::NetworkError"
the output of the error string and the changed status of the qtcpscket.

Here's another error msg that is printed by the system
Warning: exception on 6 [will do setdefaultif(0) - hack]
Warning: exception on 8 [will do setdefaultif(0) - hack]
Warning: exception on 7 [will do setdefaultif(0) - hack]

This error occurs everytime the qwebkit instance is deleted.

I have read through various stuff but I think that soemthing in the QNAM is getting messup up by QWebKit which in turn is killing the QTcpSocket. ANyone faced this problem before or any ideas?