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    (mpeg1-2-4,avi)to3gp.. over linux


    Does anyone know any application that gives you the ability to convert video files(mpeg,avi..) to 3gp format..??
    I want this application for linux platform(I know the MMConverter for windows but i want something for linux..)

    In addition, if anyone knows any link for mpeg player(for symbian)..please, just let me know..!

    Thanks in advance!!!

    Manos Moschous

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    I also need a convertor for converting mpeg to 3gpp on linux. Can you tell me which convertor are you using ?


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    Re: (mpeg1-2-4,avi)to3gp.. over linux

    As far as I can tell from the research I have done while trying build a new MMS delivery engine the FFMPEG Multimedia System is the way to go.

    It is free and apparently works.

    If anyone tries it then could you post your results and when I am done with my testing or as I get more info I will certainly do the same.

    Go here to get FFMPEG:

    And there is a basic tutorial here:

    It is recommended to install from CVS.

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    Re: (mpeg1-2-4,avi)to3gp.. over linux

    I use ffmpeg all the time to convert to 3gpp content. The standard distribution does not include audio encoding for aac or amr. You have to get and build libfaac for aac audio, and get the amr reference source modules as directed in the config docs. If you plan to stream the output, you will also need a recent copy of the mp4box utility to add hint tracks.

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