I just submitted my Nokia app and I received the following message.

Failed QA.
SUMMARY: The appliciton includes a UID/SID not assigned to the publisher by Nokia. Our processes for signing content requires the UID/SID displayed in the application to match a UID/SID assigned to the publisher by Nokia.
The UID/SID displayed in your application is: 200419A0
For more information on "Packaging and Signing your content", please go to the following link for assistance: http://www.forum.Nokia.com/Distribut..._signing.xhtml.

I acquired my UID numbers from www.symbiansigned.com. My developer in Germany provided the app and we used the UID number associated. I'm confused on the process and what needs to be done. This is my first time developing for Nokia and seems complicated. Maybe it's not but I'm not familiar with the process.

Any advice is appreciated.