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Thread: Qt SDK 1.1

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    Qt SDK 1.1

    The Qt SDK 1.1, the next generation of tools for Qt developers, is now shipping. This release includes Qt 4.7.3 and Qt Mobility 1.1.3 APIs, that are now supported by Smart Installer. This means that apps using these latest Qt APIs can be distributed through Ovi Store. The SDK includes support for Qt Quick in the integrated Qt Designer.
    Download the Qt SDK 1.1

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    Re: Qt SDK 1.1

    Amazing! Good job!

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    Re: Qt SDK 1.1

    Thanks for this final release! This was faster as expected.
    Now many of us developers can deinstall/remove all parallel old/beta/RC SDK versions (freeing about 20-40 Gbyte harddisk space ;-) and finally install one SDK. Great!

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    Re: Qt SDK 1.1

    Thanks for update.

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    Re: Qt SDK 1.1

    Very helpful, thanks Ron.
    To live is divine.

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