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    Web Apps - Distribution

    Hi All,

    I have developed a simple NEWS Web App and would like to share it with my friends. How can I share the app? When I was developing the app, I could deploy it on to a server and test it using the URL provided. I need to give the app as an installer. Please tell me the steps so that I can pass on the instructions to my friends and have the app tested.


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    Re: Web Apps - Distribution

    There is no separate installer package that you could share. What you could do is to select none from simulator deployment settings to get the short url. Then send this short url to your friends to get it tested on the device.
    If your friend don't yet have Ovi browser, they could get it from here: http://browser.ovi.com/

    List of supported devices:

    Forgot to mention that the final distribution is of course done via Ovi store.

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    Re: Web Apps - Distribution

    Ovi Store is open now for Series 40 web apps

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