hi all,

please advise if possible.

currently, i'm facing certain difficulties to access https pages on certain nokia phones.

Models encountering problems: E63, E71 (page loads at very slow pace, and through out the whole site)
Models with no problem: Nokia C3-01, E5 (page loads very fast)

What i found out :
- The E63 has a browser model which is based on safari internal engine(apple kit 413), where as the others have browser model based on apple kit 420 or more...

What i understand from HTTPS links is that the server and browser will be sending encrypted data to each other, which will be decrypted by the browser.

Is there anyway in which the load time can be improved performance wise?

Also, i have tried installing other browsers, like opera on these phones, which resulted in a slight improvement, but still slow.

thanks for sharing your views,