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    Project on real device

    I am a student doing a project on wap application development. I have designed a mail application and i am getting the proper output on Nokia WAP Toolkit. Now I want to view it on a real device. I am having Samsung set.
    I am thinking of the following proceedure to do this.
    1. I will upload the wml files on our college website, and redesign its index page such that if the request is from phone it has to send wml pages. then i will give its url in wap browser anf\d get the page.
    2. set up a dial up connection with my pc. but i want to know the mechanism.

    So please tell me if these methods work or is there any other way to do this. i have got a little time. i am having exams in june, in which i should give the demo. so please give detailed inforamtion soon.

    thaking you
    My mail id: shridharjs@rediffmail.com

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    hi shridharjs,

    I have no help for your? SORRY, but have a similar issue, so if you have solved it you might be able to help me!!!
    I want to have wap traffic directed to index.wml from my index.html.
    Also Im wanting a formail sumbit action to my webhost,
    If you know anything about these ?'s great, cheers Paul

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    Hi sridharjs,
    You can do the following:
    1. Make a jsp page. In this page read the "User-Agent" header from the request. this header can help u identify where the request came from. So u can redirect the request to the appropriate page. also lookup previous discussions where u'll find links to appropraite pages for more information.

    2. why do u want to setup a dailup connection when ur hosting the pages on your college website. anyways ask ur vendor to help you or consult windows help if ur using windows(sic).


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