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    Borland and SDK 0.9: connecting emulator to internet

    I spent quite a bit of time looking for hints on this forum, but nothing was specific enough to solve this problem. So sorry if I missed the good post and repeat the information here.

    The general consesus is that version 1.0 does allow the emulator to use the internet connection provided by the host computer. However that SDK is not currently supported by Borland Mobile Edition. So here is what I did (on a Win2K PC).

    - Download SDK 1.0 and install

    - Reinstall SDK 0.9, to make sure it actually is the default SDK (alternatively you can update options for directories and path, plus environment properties EPOCROOT and PATH)

    - Copy file cdbv2.dat from
    Notice the b in winsb: that's where Borland keeps the emulator files, not the usual wins

    - Start mrouterlite in

    - Connect COM1 to COM2 with a null modem cable

    - Start the emulator and run a program that connects to the internet. When it tries to connect, it will show a list with: Linux RAS, NT Ras. Choose NT RAS.

    - That's it: the connection starts, mrouterlite wakes up and data flows to the emulator.

    Alternatively you can get the cdbv2.dat file from http://www.digstud.se/ : just copy it in

    You can also use mrouter (installed by PC Suite for Nokia 3650) as the routing software. You just need to check the Com2 box in "Connection properties".
    That way you can avoid the SDK_10 install.

    Hope it helps and it's not a repeat...

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    I have a problem: Borland C++ Builder doesn't recognise any mobile SDKs. (The PATH and EPOCROOT are OK.) Apparently the installer does not install the version 0.9 at all, since I dont have the folder "winsb". I didn't have any Symbian or Series60 folders before I installed nS60_sdk_v1_0...

    I regret that I ever installed this XXXXX Win XP pro.

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