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Thread: Slow to update?

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    Slow to update?

    I made an app using ovi app wizard for my site and it seems it takes up to a day or two before it shows up on the app. Does anyone know why? And does anyone know if this can be fixed?
    thanks, Matt Mers

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    Re: Slow to update?

    I guess this would be because Nokia has to review your update the same way when you had your app reviewed for publishing. It is not an instant task, as if this was the case, it could be abused by those who would want to cause damage to the the network.

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    Re: Slow to update?

    Hi there,

    When an app is created it will enter the checking queue and process for validation. App related operations face a delay, and this is for the user protection.

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    Re: Slow to update?

    Applications created by Ovi App Wizard still undergo the same evaluation process as the regular Ovi Publish content items and may take up to 6 - 8 business days before surfacing on the Ovi Store. Please be patient while we ensure your content complies with the Ovi content guidelines.


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