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    [split] How to install the Nokia 5100 SDK on Windows 7

    how to install this nokia 5100 SDK in windows7

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    Re: Nokia 5100 SDK does not start

    Raghuveer what problem you are facing while installing SDK ,if it is not getting installed try installing it try running it in compatibility mode of windows xp

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    Re: [split] How to install the Nokia 5100 SDK on Windows 7

    from where i can download 5100 sdk installer

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    Re: [split] How to install the Nokia 5100 SDK on Windows 7

    Hi dharmeshbharti and welcome to Nokia Developer Discussion boards!

    There's no longer any SDK for Nokia 5100 (Series 40 Developer Platform 1.0)

    You can download and try with other archived SDKs from here: http://www.developer.nokia.com/info/...s_Archive.html


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    Re: [split] How to install the Nokia 5100 SDK on Windows 7

    Hello dharmeshbharti,

    in case you face installation or other issues, please note prssupe's comment.

    It's quite an old SDK and has not been tested on the latest OSs such as Windows 7.

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