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    how to develop a sync plugin for pc suite to symbian 60

    hi there,

    I'd like to develop a sync plugin for the pc suite, or eventually to develop a stand alone app, with featured desktop-symbian sync.

    the point is: where to start? I have a symbian 60 based phone - nokia 3650 - which seems not to be supported by the connectivity sdk 3 beta (and I don't know if the connectivity sdk is enough for me).

    I noticed pc suite uses mRouter, but I haven't got any useful informations about it.

    so my question is: what should I do in order to develop such featured application? are us - the developers - actually supported?

    thank you.


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    Currently the Nokia 3650 and other Symbian based phones are not supported by The PC Connectivity SDks.
    I think You should ask this question at the Symbian OS related boards of this forum too.

    Best regards,

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