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    Implement AT Command to send SMS in 8051 Microcontroller or PIC

    I am working on a project named : "GSM based car alarm

    Application Details: we have connected a Nokia 2110 with car alarm fitted in the CAR, now as soon as any auauthorise person open the Car door, we want an SMS will be send to a pre-defined no

    We are able to send SMS using AT commands from Hyper terminal in windows/Linux.

    Now , can any one help us how to implement same AT command in 8051 Microcontroller or PIC.

    We are in urgent need of this we are doing this as a final year project work.

    e-mail: vikassrivastava1@hotmail.com

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    I think you can find some serial communication routines for any controller. All you need to do is send same AT commands to the phone as you sent using PC.

    I would say that Nokia 2110 is not a best possible solution, have some phone that does not need any drivers. Like Nokia 6210 can receive AT-commands without any additional driver software, whereas you need to have drivers when using Nokia 2110.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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    Re: Implement AT Command to send SMS in 8051 Microcontroller or PIC

    Use the search feature of this site to find plenty of existing discussions that explain how to receive and send SMS using a PC:

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