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    Question changes to my content item

    Just have app already published to Ovi.
    I updated my content info to new version. Actually I changed description (new version number) and uploaded new sis file.
    Within next day the description changed in Ovi, but sis file is "in progress" by QA team and not available for download yet.
    It's looks a bit strange from users point of view: see description about new version but download the old one.
    Shouldn't it be an atomic update of information and file from QA to Ovi Store?

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    Re: changes to my content item

    The same thing happened to me and I decided that in future I update the content file first and once it passes the QA then update the content meta data. There is a slight problem with this aproach too, once the file gets updated and it will apppear on the "new" category, it will still have the old metadata (ie. description) until it passes QA (luckily usually within 24 hours).

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    Re: changes to my content item

    This is unfortunately a well-known issue...
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