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    Lightbulb Downloadable version of Devices list?


    Is there a downloadable or programmatic access version of the Nokia device database at http://www.forum.nokia.com/Devices/Device_specifications/ ?

    Applications of all kinds often need a fast way to look up a phone in this data, and the independent 3rd party databases such as WURFL are not always correct.

    Note that I am talking about true programmatic access, where an application looks up a phone based on some criteria, reads out a specific aspect of its specification and then takes some automated action based on that particular piece of information.

    A Web API could be used for some applications, while other applications (such as ones that run on an out-of-coverage phone) need a local copy of the needed database subset.

    Thus the simplest solution would be for Nokia to simply offer a download of the raw tables in CSV format or another database export format. The download would need to be updated when new phones or information is added to the database. Even the raw output from one or more "SELECT * FROM SomeTable" SQL commands (run once by Nokia staff and saved to a file) would be useful.


    This information will also be relevant for Microsoft based phone models, once they start shipping, this request is not specific to any one series of phone operating systems.

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    Re: Downloadable version of Devices list?

    Quote Originally Posted by jbwisemo View Post
    independent 3rd party databases such as WURFL are not always correct.
    Neither is Forum Nokia, but once an error is reported, it is usually corrected. I suppose errors in WURFL will be, too.

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    Re: Downloadable version of Devices list?

    -- Lucian

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