I'm writing a simple web app based on the Single Scene template in the tools. The app UI consists of two screens, using mwl.switchClass to go from one to the other.
In the simulator, the transitions work fine. On the device (Nokia X3-02 with latest browser from browser.ovi.com), the transition from home screen to the second screen does not happen when I press the button assigned to the transition. When I press the home button (using the original code from the template), the UI switches to the second screen and then immediately back to the home screen.

The only problem I can think of is that I'm mixing mwl calls and DOM search (document.getElementById('stop_id').value) in the same place.

Here's the relevant code from index.html

        <div id="stage">
            <table id="slider" class="show_toc" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0" summary="Slider Table">
                        <div class="item_container" id="toc">
	                        <h2>Enter bus stop ID</h2>
	                        <p><input type="text" id="stop_id" value="1001490" /></p>
					<img id="get_bus" src="img/go_button.png" onclick="mwl.switchClass('#slider', 'show_toc', 'show_scratchpad'); 
					mwl.insertHTML('#subtitle', 'Next bus at stop ID ' + document.getElementById('stop_id').value);
					getAction1(document.getElementById('stop_id').value);" alt="" />
                        <div id="subtitle">Hello</div>
                        <div id="scratchpad_ctr">
			<h2 id="scratchpad">Loading...</h2>
			<div id="bus_error"></div>
			<img id="refresh_img" src="img/refresh.png" 
				onclick="getAction1(document.getElementById('stop_id').value);" alt="" />