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    Unhappy Outlook calendar is not syncing using ovisuite

    I was not able to synchronized my outlook calendar on my nokia c7 using ovisuite. there's no error message. i already udpate my windows outlook 2007 also ovisuite program to 3.1 and i was able to synch my contacts and notes but NOT the CALENDAR. i also repaired, even uninstall and reinstall ovisuite as well as the pc solution and cabe driver but it seems like nothing happened. what should i do next?

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    Re: Outlook calendar is not syncing using ovisuite

    The end-user Ovi board you are looking for is located on http://www.nokia.com/discussions
    FN is about support for software developers, that is why this particular Ovi discussion board is called "Publishing to Ovi Store", something what developers do.

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