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    Inline code issue on device

    Hi guys,

    I'm having issue with inline code.

    I've code like this:
    		<div onclick='mwl.insertHTML("#holder", "this is clicked")'>click me!</div>
    		<div id='holder'></div>
    It run perfectly on emulator. But failed on device.

    When I change it to:

    		<div onclick='javascript:mwl.insertHTML("#holder2", "this is clicked with javascript")'>click me!</div>
    		<div id='holder2'></div>
    It run fine on device and emulator. But with caveat, that the later code will produce unneeded request to server.

    here's my test project: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1636195/Test...Javascript.wgt

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    Re: Inline code issue on device


    How about this?
    <div onclick="mwl.insertHTML('#holder3', 'this is clicked');">click me!</div>
    Works both on device and on simulator.

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