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This is rather unacceptable from a reputable company like Nokia. This problem has showed many times since 2009 and still is not resolved... having the reports not updated for 4 or 5 days may happen and it's not a big issue, but now it has been 2 weeks without reports. I can remember some time ago we were nearly one month without reports. This makes all developers a huge damage as we need to take decisions quickly, that are the results of the sales reports. Also, someone reported that sales charts are also messed up, this is even worse. Moreover, we are approaching Xmas and this is a time of the year that's crucial for us. One would expect that such an issue is solved within a couple of days. If needed, there should be a dedicated team working 24h a day to resolve the issue. If it takes longer it means that something big is corrupt in the system, but in this case you should think to change the whole backend system because this one is really not adeguate to the importance of the store.