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    screen fit problem

    hi sir , i did complete the project in tracking system. but that system not clearly view in nokia simulator. . the simulator covered only small size of page but not display the complete page. i please tell any solution .
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    Re: screen fit problem

    Are you developing Symbian Widget or Series 40 web apps? For Symbian Widget, you should be able to click on the device button and select the resolution for the screensize. Currently Series 40 web apps only support 1 resolution from the simulator.

    Hope this helps

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    Re: screen fit problem

    i developed the project for pc only then how to convert mobile phone. symbian or othre models
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    Re: screen fit problem

    Hi and welcome to Forum,

    You might want to introduce yourself to Series 40 Web Apps and Symbian WRT Widgets. Although they are both created with same tools and technologies they are somewhat different to create. Please read the following documentation to get started.
    http://library.forum.nokia.com/topic...3B268B102.html (you might have to click the link twice to get to right page)


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