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    About the estimated revenue

    My app was published on November last year. Until now. I only got 20 % of the estimated revenue. And it has been almost half a year since my app was first published on OVI. I just wanna know that, no matter how long it takes, will I get approximately the "estimated revenue" finnally? I can wait a year, 2 years. But I just hope that the money I got finnaly is close to the "estimated revenue". Or I will get only 70% of the "estimated revenue"? What is exactly the "estimated revenue"?

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    Re: About the estimated revenue

    Hi andersonsilvia,

    Your estimated revenue percentage differs based on the way your consumers buy your application, If they use a Credit Card then you get 70% ; and if they use Phone Bill then you get 60%.

    Also note that your application price differs from one country to the other, Assume that your application price is 1euro and one of your consumers bought it using a Credit Card, Then you mistakenly think that you will get 0.70 euro, but there is very important element / factor in the revenue equation which is the buyer country(price points).

    For more information in each country price point read OVI Store Publisher Guide and Billing Matrex.
    Nokia Asha applications [Price Point Policy] [Unlimited Updates] [Suggestions]: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Community/Discussion/showthread.php?240423-Nokia-Asha-applications-Price-Point-Policy-Unlimited-Updates-Suggestions

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    Re: About the estimated revenue

    ashraf, I am not sure if the estimated revenue is after the 30 (resp. 40) percent reduction, e.g. with a perfect estimate - I think - you should get 100% of the estimated revenue. Last year I and some other guy here in the forum posted our revenue shares and we got around 90-100% of estimated revenues after about half a year.

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    Re: About the estimated revenue


    There is a disclaimer on the reports section.

    Revenue estimates are provided as a courtesy and are NOT guaranteed by Nokia. Actual revenue may vary and are paid according to the governing Terms and Conditions. Estimates do not account for the time delay between when your content is sold and when Nokia receives the funds for the sale of your content from various third-party billing providers.

    Also, a publisher selecting operator billing should note that billing cycles of operators are 90-120 days. and one should factor in bad debts, refunds, etc.

    Thank you

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