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    Pkg file condition installation


    I have pkg file that include below lines
    "cid.txt" -"c:\system\apps\cid.txt"
    @"something.SIS", (0x2002FB99)

    I'm checking cid.txt if there is or not in the something.sis.But when i check in the code cid.txt doesn't exist. If i exit something.sis application and open again, there is a cid.txt. How can i solve this problem? Can something.sis installing wait until cid.txt created?

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    Re: Pkg file condition installation

    Installation does not happen in a top->bottom sequence, so the order of file deployments and evaluation of conditions differs a lot from what you write in the .pkg file. Usage of internal dependencies is not advised in general.
    You can still experiment with deploying the .sis file as a .sis file, and install it later, programmatically.

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