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    Student Forum Nokia India

    Hello everyone
    I am Ram Kashyap, the founder of the student forum nokia india, This has been a community which have been a student association with forum nokia in India and developing various apps on various platforms for the Nokia devices. Any students in this forum if you would like to join the community and serve the purpose, i would be glad to have you guys in my community. And also if any technical experts in the community is wishing to give talks to these guys in the forum, we are glad to welcome you.

    Thank you

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    Re: Student Forum Nokia India

    If the community has no on-line infrastructure so far, you may find the Groups service of Forum Nokia useful, it is in the Community panel (top-right corner). There you can find "region"-based groups, like developers from India.

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    Re: Student Forum Nokia India

    i m from Mumbai. how to join your student developer community ? give me some instructions on it ( write PDF on this HowTo ). you can contact me on fb at facebook.com/ashish.gaikwad007 .Thank you !

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    Re: Student Forum Nokia India

    If this group still exists I do not belive it is done by Nokia Developers. Not to say it might not be an excellent group, but if there are fees or other costs associated please let me know.


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