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    E7 UI your thoughts !!!

    Recently I upgraded to an E7, unfortuately I was disapointted with the UI and went back to my N900, I ready thought the E7 would be a ready good user experience. I found it so fiddly to use, the MS exchange client worse than the N900 MS exchange client, doesn't support Nokia messaging, and just fiddly to set anything up. NO manual switch on and off on network connections like the N900.

    I would even say this was a step backwards from the E90 which I still have as well, currently look likes my N900 could be the last Nokia I buy
    And for balance the E7 hardware seems to be very good, just the software lets it down ..

    Would like to hear your thoughts ?

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    Re: E7 UI your thoughts !!!

    These kind of questions have a better place on http://www.nokia.com/discussions, Forum Nokia is the support site for software developers.
    Note that the N900 is rumored to get a successor soon, various sources refer it as N950.

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