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    Thumbs up Deployment Problems

    Hi, I've created and application in QT Creator that perfectly works on QT Simulator. I want to deploy it to Nokia Xpress Music 5800.
    What I've done:
    1. Selected Symbian as Target and Click Run
    2. Online Open Signed the Sis file generated

    1. How can I wrap this signed sis file with all dependencies (QT Mobility etc)? I tried to select to "generate Smart Installer" on QT Creator, but I can not sign this installer because its UID is different, this can not install it
    2. Anyway even without all dependencies existing, I tried to install my SIS file to the phone. But phone gives message similar to "SIS file is not compatible. Do you want to continue installation" - if I select YES it installs without error. What is this incompatibility issue? Should I somehow change target configuration in QT Creator?


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    Re: Deployment Problems

    Examine your .pkg file for lines such as the following:
    ; Default HW/platform dependencies
    Each line is a different Symbian version that your app supports.

    If you Google around, you'll find a list of version number associations, and a way to specify this stuff in your .pro file.

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