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    E7-00 and Simulationpsy not working


    i've installed the Simulationpsy from the Symbian3 SDK (SymbianTools\SimPsyConfigurator\Simulation_PSY.sis) on my E7 (hardware!).
    I've changed the positioning methods to SimulationPsy only and selected the included nmea.nme file. Once i activate SimulationPsy and try "Get location"
    it takes 2-3 seconds and then returns "Error opening Simulation PSY: -15".
    This is also true for the other sps route files. I've even tried my own .nme NMEA file and it also gives this error -15.
    I've tried various things but i cant get it work. Does anyone know if there are any known issues with the SimulationPsy on E7?

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    Re: E7-00 and Simulationpsy not working

    Confirmed bug, recorded at http://bugs.forum.nokia.com/show_bug.cgi?id=157 and reported to the SDK team.
    No workaround available yet unfortunately.
    -- Lucian

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