I'm having problems using Tag type specific access commands on Kovio tags (NFC Type 2 Forum tag) using Qt Mobility 1.2 NFC APIs. According to the Qt Mobility documentation for QNearFieldTarget:

"If the target supports TagTypeSpecificAccess, sendCommand() can be used to send a single proprietary command to the target and retrieve the response. sendCommands() can be used to send multiple proprietary commands to the target and retrieve all of the responses."

I'm using the Tag type specific access commands in order to set the Capability Container (CC) data in order to grant access for read/write NDEF operations as if I don't do this I receive a -46 (KErrPermissionDenied) error message when writing a Type 2 tag.

When I tap a NFC Forum Type 2 tag and get the target access modes it only reports that it supports NDEF access, so when I try and issue tag specific commands (QNearFieldTagType2::writeBlock(), QNearFieldTarget::sendCommand()) it fails with -5 (KErrNotSupported).

Is there anywhere where I can update the database to add support for additional NFC Type Forum 2 tags?

My development environment is as follows:
Qt SDK 1.1
Qt Mobility 1.2 APIs (inc. NFC support)

My environment seems to be setup correctly as I have successfully been able to install and run the NFC demo applications (nfchat and nfccorkboards).

I've not tried using the native Symbian NFC APIs (will try next) will give this a go next.

Thanks for any help,