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    send Email with Qt Mobility

    I write a sending Email program with Qt Mobility,but it doesn't work on N900 which is Maemo platforn. It suggest that Account ID is invalid.

    there are my key codes,please help me! Thank you!

    void dialog2::SendEmail(){
    	QMessageService *messageService=new QMessageService;
    	// Create  a new email
    	QMessage msg;
    	// Add required parameters
    	msg.setTo (QMessageAddress(QMessageAddress::Email,"zhangbo1417@gmail.com"));
    	msg.setSubject("SMS Backup");
    	//Send email message
    		QMessageBox::information(0,tr("Success"),tr("Email sent successfully!"));
    	else QMessageBox::warning(0,tr("Failed"),tr("Unable to send Email!"));
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    Re: send Email with Qt Mobility

    Additionally you can try QDestktopServices:penUrl(" mailto:abc@xyz.com.........")

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    Re: send Email with Qt Mobility

    I was able to send mail on maemo without any problem. May be something is corrupt. Do you have a mail account setup in the device.
    May be you can check the returned Id (id.isValid()).

    I have faced problem with symbian, no matter where I setup a mail account in the device it never returns a valid mail account. I tried setting up in mail account in nokia messaging (most people use this application to check their mails). I tried setting up mail account in messages application, but no luck. Does anybody have any idea
    "How can we send email using mobility on symbian?"

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