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    Renaming the defualt application name To show in Application menu

    Hello all,

    I have create one GUI application from Carbide inbuilt UI-Design and named it as "Hello_Final".

    Then I want to show only "Hello" as application name in th application menu in the device to user. For this, I have changed following in the different files as below :-
    -> Change "Hello_Final" to "Hello" in following files:
    * Hello_Final_reg.loc :- #define qtn_caption_string "Hello"
    * Hello_Final.rss :-
    buf = "Hello";
    * Hello_Final.l01 :-
    #define STR_Hello_FinalApplication_1 ""
    #define STR_Hello_FinalApplication_2 ""
    #define STR_Hello_FinalApplication_3 "Hello"
    #define STR_Hello_FinalApplication_4 "Hello"
    After this when I build my application and run in device, I observed that on installing my application, it shows me old name as "Hello_Final" in the application menu and after restart the device, it shows "Hello".

    Then i go through the forum and looks many threads :- Below is one of the link
    in this link, seen post no #10, and found that only way is to restart the device to change the name.

    But after that, i have also change the name in the .pkg file ( "Hello_Final" to "Hello" ) and then test it again in the device and that's it,
    ; standard SIS file header
    I can see my desire name as my application name in the application menu after installing the sis file. So I do not have to restart my phone to change the application name.

    ->Hope this will help others.

    Thanks & Regards
    -Bheda Dilipsinh
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