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    Renaming the defualt application name To show in Application menu

    Hello all,

    I have create one GUI application from Carbide inbuilt UI-Design and named it as "Hello_Final".

    Then I want to show only "Hello" as application name in th application menu in the device to user. For this, I have changed following in the different files as below :-
    -> Change "Hello_Final" to "Hello" in following files:
    * Hello_Final_reg.loc :- #define qtn_caption_string "Hello"
    * Hello_Final.rss :-
    buf = "Hello";
    * Hello_Final.l01 :-
    #define STR_Hello_FinalApplication_1 ""
    #define STR_Hello_FinalApplication_2 ""
    #define STR_Hello_FinalApplication_3 "Hello"
    #define STR_Hello_FinalApplication_4 "Hello"
    After this when I build my application and run in device, I observed that on installing my application, it shows me old name as "Hello_Final" in the application menu and after restart the device, it shows "Hello".

    Then i go through the forum and looks many threads :- Below is one of the link
    in this link, seen post no #10, and found that only way is to restart the device to change the name.

    But after that, i have also change the name in the .pkg file ( "Hello_Final" to "Hello" ) and then test it again in the device and that's it,
    ; standard SIS file header
    I can see my desire name as my application name in the application menu after installing the sis file. So I do not have to restart my phone to change the application name.

    ->Hope this will help others.

    Thanks & Regards
    -Bheda Dilipsinh
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    Re: Renaming the defualt application name To show in Application menu

    That is component name of package header and it will not affect the application name. Application name is depends on value mentioned in caption of LOCALISABLE_APP_INFO structure. Sometime device take those value directly from cache and not able to reflect new one, so sometime we need to restart device after changing those value.

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    Re: Renaming the defualt application name To show in Application menu

    That's right, but i got the solution only in this way.

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