Hi everyone,

I have built an software implementation of OpenAL for Qt. It's based on the original OpenAL Soft project (http://kcat.strangesoft.net/openal.html). It currently works on desktop and simulator only. However, I couldn't manage to build and test it on Symbian or Maemo platforms, as I don't have a Qt enabled device and I'm very new to Qt development.

I've created a Qt OpenAL Soft project here on Nokia Forum. But, I'm keeping it private untill we can compile and test it on Qt enabled mobile devices. Anyone interested to contribute (to fix build issues and test it on mobile devices) reply to me here or send me a message and I'll add him/her to project members. I will make the project public when all issues are fixed.

I'm trying to use OpenAL soft to port my games from other platform to Qt and I'm sure other game programmers would be interested too. Hopefully, someone can help me to finish and release this project.