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    Synchronize Nokia 6100 with Domino

    Hello, We have our calendar on a Lotus Notes DataBase, and we wonted to synchronize this notes with a Nokia 6100 through a GPRS connection.
    The SyncML client is not included in the Nokia 6100 characteristics.
    How can i do it?
    Is there some program that let me make the synchronization

    Thanks in advance

    jose antonio lazaro

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    Without a Sync Client you´ll have problems synchronising your data via GPRS. One possibility is to buy new phones with SyncML Clients or you can use PDA´s over IRDA (the phone will be your GPRS Modem) with SyncML Clients.
    In both cases you need to access your Domino database. Space2go (www.space2go.com) has, with its enterprise2go solution, developed a mobile access to Lotus Domino and their SyncML Server. You´ll be able to sync via GPRS from your Domino Server.
    This company also offers the SyncML Clients for the PDA´s (Palm OS, PPC 2002) also with E-Mail synchronisation.

    Good Luck

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