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    Problems: Nokia 6510 connecting to laptop

    I have problems to connect with my 6510 to my laptop. The connection is recognized by Windows but not by the Nokia Suite ("no telephone connected&quot. What can I do?

    System: Win2000, SP2, IrCOMM patch installed
    Nokia PC Suite 4.51a

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    RE: Problems: Nokia 6510 connecting to laptop


    There is several options why the connection does not work as it should. For e.g. the infrared adapter on your PC might not be compatible with IrDA standard or PC Suite installation did not succeed. However as you are running on Windows 2000, you should remember that you might need local administrator rights when installing or fully using the PC Suite. In most cases the problem is caused because the configuration is incorrect.

    For solving cases like this, more information is needed about the software/hardware environment used.

    Best regards,

    Marko Tuukkanen
    Forum Nokia

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