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    Version from info.plist


    I'm looking to do something whicxh i thought was quite simple.

    Read the version from the info.plist file.

    I've looked at a few samples and not found that one that does it.

    Just wondering if anyone has code to do it?



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    Re: Version from info.plist

    I don't think it's possible with WRT. You don't have access to the filesystem through javascript, and the web browser can't access files within C:\private\ which is where your info.plist is located. Maybe you could build something in C++ and use ApiBridge.

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    Re: Version from info.plist


    The easiest way is just to hard code the version string into a .js file as a plain variable. There is no method to get it form info.plist.

    Please see following wiki article:


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