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    C++ signal and custom type variable use in QML

    I have created a custom type inheriting from QObject.
    I have declared the type with Q_DECLARE_METATYPE() with qmlDeclareType() and also with qRegisterMetaType().

    From another object declared as a component in QML I emit a signal which has the type as a parameter now when the signal is handled from the QML I cannot access any of the properties of the type.
    In debug output while debugging

    Error: Cannot assign [undefined] to QString
    is shown whenever I try to access any property of the variable and

    Error: <variableName> is not defined
    is shown.

    my signal is declared as follows:

        void readTagBCard(const BCard& tagc);
    and handled in qml as follows:

                txtFullName.text = tagc.lastName;
    the method is lastName is declared as follows:

    QString lastName() const {return mlastName;};
    How can I access methods on custom type variables in QML?
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