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    Nokia X3 02 wireless problem

    Hi all, I have a problem, today I've try to connect on public wireless network in my town, but I was unable to do this... There is a problem:
    When I open some link(oviStore), I chose Search WLAN , and I found a network, enter username and password, and click OK , then nothing happens... Still offer me to enter username and password, and at the bottom, with the red letters, I can see error message, something like this: Your browser is not able to challenge to this network(try again, enable JavaScript)
    I don't understand, JavaScript is already Enabled, I can't still connect, even my friend can do this, and he can also download the applications(samsung galaxy)... Please help me

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    Re: Nokia X3 02 wireless problem

    Hi jaskoraul,
    Welcome to Forum Nokia Discussion Board.
    This question is End-user related. So, I suggest you that please copy this ques. and ask in http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/.
    Forum Nokia Discussion Board only for reserve development related question.
    - AbhisheKhetani

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