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    Please help: Resuming application in the background

    I've created a chat client in flash lite that uses a xmlsocket to listen for messages.
    My problem is that when the application is sent to the background it is paused and can't listen for messages.

    How can I have it resume in the background?

    I read that from flash lite 3.1 you can have your app resume processing in the background if you make an asynchronous call to one or more Symbian Platform Services with a callback.

    Is there a way I could use this technique to get a notification of when the application is sent to the background or paused and use the callbackSettings.resumeOnEvent to resume processing?

    Is there any other way to solve this problem?

    My application is useless if it cant run and receive messages in the background.
    Any help with this issue appreciated! Thanks

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    Re: Please help: Resuming application in the background

    Hi ,
    I also searched on this matter quite weeks ago but not able to find any solution to detect whether our application is in background or not or any event that get called once app go to background. Even in Flash Lite 3.1 the support of resuming in background is very limited. According to documentation :
    You can define callback settings only for asynchronous Service API methods that provide repeated callback events. These methods include:
    RequestNotification (Calendar Service API)
    Trace (Location Service API)
    RequestNotification (Logging Service API)
    RegisterNotification (Messaging Service API)
    RegisterForNotification (Sensor Service API)
    GetNotification (System Information Service API)
    Now, all of these APIs are not of use in your case. Ones best bet is to search in System Information Service API to find any such event but unfortunately, i am unable to find one. However, if you have to do it any cost then you have to choose Qt which doesn't have any such restriction.

    Best Regard,

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