hi ..
i want to boot symbian image rom on qemu .. on ubuntu 11.4
i modified this script to do so :

#Script to boot a qemu/syborg text-shell rom.
#You first need to have built your rom with syborg_builder.sh, and qemu with qemu_builder.sh

export EPOCROOT=~/symbian/gcc/ export PYTHONPATH=${EPOCROOT}sf/adaptation/qemu/symbian-qemu-0.9.1-12/qemu-symbian-svp/plugins
cd ${EPOCROOT}sf/adaptation/qemu/symbian-qemu-0.9.1-12/qemu-symbian-svp/arm-softmmu ./qemu-system-arm -serial file:${EPOCROOT}syborg_serial.LOG \ -M ${EPOCROOT}sf/adaptation/qemu/baseport/syborg/syborg.dtb -kernel ${EPOCROOT}epoc32/rom/syborg_tshell_ARMV5_udeb.img

but when i try to use it .. nothing happens ,, even the log file syborg_serial.log is still empty ..
any help ???????????????