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    Publishing to OVI

    I have a few issues when trying to build the signed QT app for submission.

    I have carried out the following steps:

    1. Created QT App and tested this - works

    2. Changed TARGET.UID3 to protected UID obtained from Nokia in the .pro file

    3. make distclean

    4. qmake

    5. make release-gcce

    6. make installer_sis QT_SIS_CERTIFICATE=d:\cert.crt QT_SIS_KEY=d:\key.key

    I receive the following error:

    C:\Apps\APP1>make installer_sis QT_SIS_CERTIFICATE=d:\cert.crt QT_SIS_KEY=d:\key.key
    make -s -f Makefile sis
    Processing APP1_release-gcce.pkg...
    Created APP1_unsigned.sis.

    file I/O fault, cannot open APP1_unsigned.sis.

    SIS creation failed!
    make -s -f Makefile ok_installer_sis
    Processing APP1_installer.pkg...
    Error : Cannot find file : C:/Apps/APP1/APP1.sis

    APP1_installer.pkg(32) : error: file I/O fault.

    file I/O fault, cannot open APP1_installer_unsigned.sis.

    SIS creation failed!

    Any pointers??

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    Re: Publishing to OVI

    See you console for build errors.

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