We have been developing a FlashLite 4 app and targeting it for Symbian^3 devices. As a final step, we are in the process of optimizing the performance of the app on actual device. With regard to this, I would like to know certain inputs if anyone has previously extensively worked on performance tuning for FlashLite apps:

  • What is the static and dynamic heap allocated for FlashLite 4 apps on N8/E7, or Symbian^3 devices in general?
  • Can we change the static/dynamic heap allocation? If yes, how that best could be done?
  • If during the app execution on device, how can I calibrate the performance, how can I check how much dynamic heap is available etc? The user experience is general practice but it do not always account the optimization/change in performance.
  • As far as performance is considered, what is best to use for packaging, online FlashLite packager/stub application/custom SIS creators like SWF2GO/ or widget?

Any pointers to general optimizations for FlashLite 4, would also be highly appreciated!