Hi there,

I am a newbie in Qt/Qml. I have been across some issues when developing my app. I need to use some functions of "Text Element" like 'lineHeight". But in the QML documentation it says that this functionality was added in QtQuick 1.1. Same for the Pinch & Zoom.

Then I tried to import QtQuick 1.1 but the app wont launch and the build log keeps showing me "module "QtQuick" version 1.1 is not installed import QtQuick 1.1 "

I though that QtQuick 1.1 was included in Qt Sdk 1.1.

Can anybody advise me on that? Is QtQuick 1.1 available ? Would the handsets support that? Is there something I need to download or something I have to import in my project??

Thank you very much