We have some questions with the web apps developing:

1. When we compile the WebApp and we create the package for the device mobile we observe the next problems:

a) If we open the application when we do the deploy the Web App in the device, the
Web App works better than if we open the web app with the Ovi Browser.
b)In the application horizontal view when we do the event mwl. addSwipeLeftListener
or mwl. addSwipeRightLister the event touch works more slow and the navigator doesn't draw correctly the web app. The weight of the images can be the cause, what is the maximum weight for one Web App?. This transaction of page and execution is the same than the Nokia Example ( We create the tag <script> and it inserts when we need the touch event with all the functions of event ).
c) We use the librarys from Nokia Web Apps in the events onclick.
1. Example : <span><img src="img/240/head/info.png" alt="info" onclick="Info.onShow();View.setLastSection('#galery');mwl.hide('#galery');mwl.show('#info');"></span>

a) Info.onShow()--> the function draws a table and inserts whith document.getElementById(nombre).innerHTML;

b) View.setLastSection(‘#galery’) -->the function save the current layer <div>

c) Mwl.hide(‘#galery’) --<library function

d) Mwl.show(‘#info’) -->library function

2. With the library functions from Nokia , what functions have a better performance : Mwl.hide y mwl.show or mwl.switchClass

3. When we do the index.html. What solution has the better performance?
- We draw the fixed elements (heads with images) or we do a layer <div> and inserts the html code when we need it?
Example: fixed element s in the index.html :
<div id="home">
<div class="homehead"><img src="img/240/head/logo.png" alt="logo"><span><img src="img/240/head/event.png" alt="event" onclick="Event.onShow();mwl.hide('#home');mwl.show('#event');"></span>
<span><img src="img/240/head/info.png" alt="info" onclick="Info.onShow();View.setLastSection('#home');mwl.hide('#home');mwl.show('#info');"></span>
<span><img src="img/240/head/home.png" alt="home" onclick="mwl.setGroupTarget('#homeaccordeon', '#fold1', 'show-transition', 'hide-transition');return false;"></span>
<div id="homeaccordeon"></div>
<div id="homecontainer"></div>

or Layer div with innerHTML:
<div id="home"></div>
var htmlcode = '<div class="homehead"><img.......'
document.getElementById(“home”).innerHTML = ;

3. If we need functions in events onclick ,What is the function number in the event onclick for the better performance?.

4. The performance depends on the velocity pulse in the web app. In some moments the Ovi Browser doesn't work and close in the devices.

5. In the web app the horizontal view doesn't work correctly when we testing the web app for a time.
6. We don't load the horizontal view and vertical view because the response time is more large.
7. We see that the web app performance is worse when the number of events is greater. (20 events)
8. It´s possible do some sections in some layers or more layers is worse with the Nokia library. The file size .css can be a problem?
9. It´s possible that our functions Javascript works more faster than library Nokia.mwl?
10. In some moments, the modifications in the web app doesn't refresh in the Nokia server and we have to do a new project , then the Ovi Browser show the changes,.... It exists a cache or time refresh in the server cloud from Nokia?.


Best Regards!