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    Browser return 404 or 504 error

    Hi, gays,

    When I started my APP on device yesterday, the OVI browser returned a 504 Gateway Timeout error.
    Today, I don't get 504 error, but get 404 Not Found error. Why?

    It doesn't have any error in Simulator.

    Is there any one know?


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    Re: Browser return 404 or 504 error

    Quote Originally Posted by vuclip.app View Post
    Is there any one know?
    Unfortunately, I don't know the answer too. My condition is, I have 2 ovi browsers. The one is version 0.9 (or something) and the other one is 0.11.

    When I deploy to device, BluetoothLauncher always use version 0.9 and as of 2 days ago, I got 404 every time I deploy to device(X3-02).
    But, when I deploy to version 0.11, it never failed (other than no connection, off course).

    I have tried to use both, deploy by bluetooth and deploy by typing the goo.gl url on 0.9. Both failed.
    So, I'm monitoring this thread too.

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