Hey All,

This is the original url that works fine on browser :

http://m.facebook.com/dialog/feed?ap...3050457758183& link=http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/dialogs/& picture=http://xxx/icon.png&name=any name&description=&redirect_uri=http://www.example.com/response& display=touch&scope=publish_stream

However if I use it with device I get error saying that I can only use normal characters in url.

Now if I replace the & in url to &

http://m.facebook.com/dialog/feed?ap....png&name= any name&description=&redirect_uri=http://www.example.com/response&display=touch&scope=publish_stream

I am able to bypass the initial error of using only the normal characters and get a new error saying “An error occurred with xxx app. Please try again later.”

I get this error on both browser and device.

So plz can any one help me on this.

Thanks with Regards,