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    Question Qt app - download problem

    Hi, many of our users are reporting problems downloading or installing our Qt apps in the comments section of the apps.
    The apps were built with Qt 4.6 and smart installer.

    Is this a problem of our packaging, or something that is "normal" with the "smart" installer?

    Alejandro Woywood.

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    Re: Qt app - download problem

    Could be a problem with your packaging, but it is more likely a "normal" thing. Have you collected any logs from the Smart Installer? Do you know what failed? What type of failure was it? Would the install succeed if started later from the icon that the Smart Installer shows in the menu?

    Known reasons for Smart Installer failures, in random order:
    - parallel downloads from the Ovi Store - should be avoided
    - network connection lost in mid transfer
    - user cancellations
    - user having the old and buggy version of Qt distributed by the Bubbles application.
    -- Lucian

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