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    GPS Data Loss after some time


    I have a program that runs on my mobile that gets GPS data and sends it to my server.

    Anyways I started the program and left my phone (Nokia 5800) in the car in the parking lot (the phone is not on the move). I have observed data for about 1.5 hours then it stopped. I went to check my phone (after it had stopped sending for an hour). the thing is it has been in the program loop but not sending any data probably lost gps connection. (because same thing was happening inside the building sometimes.)

    then I tried to see if anything new was being written on the screen and I didn't recognize. Although I see GPS icon appear I don't see anything on the screen indicating that it is still running.

    (I couldn't really figure out. (Every loop I make it write something) but the gps icon appears on the top right of the screen every couple of minutes. But the icon appears and disappears really fast like a second. Normally it takes sometime for it to get gps data so stays on the screen for more time.)

    My question: why would my program stop writing on the screen after sometime (I assume it is still working since I see GPS icon) and why don't I get GPS data after 1.5 hours?

    I started the program and it started working fine again. I am guessing maybe some memory stuff or maybe since it has been at the exact same place GPS gets data, sees it's almost the same and does nothing. I don't really know.


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    Re: GPS Data Loss after some time

    I have had the same issue with my GPS application, running on 5230 phones. It seems that, at times, the application gets stuck.

    However, it only loses GPS data, not so much anything else, so messages get sent in to the server with a (0.0, 0.0) position pretty often if the GPS was faulty since starting up the application, or a repeated position otherwise.

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