Hi All

I have published an app on the ovi store but when people try and download it. it fails. On the OVI publish site I get the following message for my app:

SUMMARY: "Application not compatible with phone. Continue anyway?" error message is received while trying to install the application.
1. Download the application.
2. Try to install the application.
ACTUAL RESULT: "Application not compatible with phone. Continue anyway?" error message is displayed.
EXPECTED RESULT: The application is downloaded and installed on the device without any issues. Any error or warning messages should not be displayed during installation.
AFFECTED DEVICES: S60 5th Edition.
SUGGESTED CORRECTIVE ACTION: Most of the times this issue is caused by specifying incorrect operating system in the package file.

my myapp_installer.pkg file looks like this:

;myapp_installer.pkg generated by qmake at 2011-06-01T19:29:50
; This file is generated by qmake and should not be modified by the user

; Language

; SIS header: name, uid, version
#{"myapp installer"},(0xA000D7CE),1,0,0

; Manual PKG pre-rules from PRO files
; Dependency to Qt Webkit
; Default dependency to Qt libraries
; Default HW/platform dependencies
; Localised Vendor name

; Unique Vendor name
:"mCompany, Qt

"E:/symbian/myapps/myapp/myapp.sis" - "c:\private\2002CCCE\import\myapp.sis"

So this pkg file only seems to contain [0x20022E6D],0,0,0,{"S60ProductID"} which is for Symbian^3
My phone is a Nokia 5230 or Symbian^1

I want my app to target S60 5th Edition / Symbian^1 and Symbian^3 but I cant figure out how to make the QT project
do that. Any ideas Guys? I'm desperate as the app is live and can't be downloaded!