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    Qml and database retrieve an int

    Hello i need that my game save in a offline db the scores and show only the first(the highest).
    I write this js function:
    function saveHighScore(punti) {
            var db = openDatabaseSync("VSpeedScore", "1.0", "Local VSpeed Score", 1000);
            var dataStr = "INSERT INTO Scores VALUES(?)";
            var data = punti;
            db.transaction(function(tx) {
                tx.executeSql('CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS Scores(score NUMBER)');
                tx.executeSql(dataStr, data);
                var rs = tx.executeSql('SELECT * FROM Scores ORDER BY score desc LIMIT 1');
                var r =  rs.rows.item(0).score
                return r
    Then the qml code:
            id: bt1
            property int multi: 1
            property int highscore: 0
            punti: 0
    bt1.highscore = saveHighScore(bt1.punti)
    I need an int.

    The error is:
    Cannot assign [undefined] to int

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    Re: Qml and database retrieve an int

    according to sqlite documentation, you should be creating an INTEGER column, not a NUMBER one.

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