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    QML gridView crahes

    I'm using a Qml-GridView to show a set of images. I'm passing across a model dynamically from C++, of list items containing urls of images to be displayed. The urls are web based and not locally stored images. The gridview behaves smartly and starts loading images for grids which are visible on screen. For example, if I have 1500 images and currently have scrolled upto 500, it starts fetching images from 500. However, when I close the page, it crashes. I observed, it crashes only when the grid view has not finished fetching images for the current scree, i.e. while it is fetching and I close the page, the qml-qt code crashes internally. If before closing the page, I wait for a while and allow the images to be fetched, it works fine. I also tried to delete the page after a delay of 5 seconds, ie. I hide the page, show the new relevant page and then in background after 10-15 seconds try to delete the page assuming the images have been fetched by now. However, the code still crashes. Attached is a print-screen of the call-stack on crash.

    Please help me resolve this. I've just started using qml.


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    Re: QML gridView crahes

    HI mots_g,

    Perhaps you can go for some R&D with the photoviewer(Qt quick) example in Qt demos.

    Hope this will help you...
    Viral Parmar

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    Re: QML gridView crahes

    Without seeing a backtrace it's hard to say what's wrong.

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