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    Question Secondary Camera (face) image is flipped

    i try record a video using Qt and looks fine when using main mobile camera
    but When use secondary (face) Camera
    the Recorded video image is flipped i don't know why

    I record the video file in path e:\\test.mp4
    when i play this video from mobile video player it is ok except the image is flipped

    [Qt1.1] Nokia N8

    here is some code what i use for testing..

    QByteArray cameraDevice = QCamera::availableDevices()[1];//selecting the secondary camera
    m_camera = new QCamera(cameraDevice);
    mediaRecorder = new QMediaRecorder(m_camera);


    // Own video output drawing that shows camera view finder pictures (this is for display on the mobile screen and it is fine on camera preview)
    QMediaService* ms = m_camera->service();
    QVideoRendererControl* vrc = ms->requestControl<QVideoRendererControl*>();
    m_myVideoSurface = new MyVideoSurface(this,this,this);


    QAudioEncoderSettings audioSettings;


    Can you help please


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    Re: Secondary Camera (face) image is flipped

    This is a feature, not a bug.
    It is actually the viewfinder that is flipped (mirrored) not the captured content.
    Viewfinder is flipped to make the viewfinder view look sensible when rotating the device.
    Flipping the captured content is not supported by the native framework.
    So current behavior it what looks most sensible in most cases.
    But it's a compromise and not perfect.

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