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    Suggestion: Installation/deploy tool

    Hi, here's a suggestion for the next version:

    Please, add a deploy/installation like similar to InstallShield, NSIS, InstallJammer, Inno Setup, xCode's packager, etc... but simpler.

    The developer should just select some files and where to install them. Then setup some basic dialogs like the welcome, license and components to install. Add some simple scripts to define environment variables, manipulate the registry, test disk space or components installed, etc... After all is setup you just compress the files and create the final .exe installer.

    That tool will be very useful because there are not many true cross-platform install and deployment tools.
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    Re: Suggestion: Installation/deploy tool

    Well, Windows is the only platform, where you really need an installer. On Unix-derived platforms including Mac OS and Linux installation is done through packages by a package manager.

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